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Winter Packing Tips

As you may know based off my last post Paris for the Holdiays. I am going to be in Paris for the Holidays this year!  This means it’s time to pack for a trip to Paris, during the cold season! Between Christmas Markets, New Years Eve and Disneyland Paris, this trip will involve a lot of time outside. This packing list will be all about layers!

Pack Light

You want to be mobile with your luggage. Full size suitcases aren’t the best thing to travel with. You’ll not often find them on my packing list. Instead I tend to opt for a carry on sized rolling bag and a standard sized (think high school or college not hiking) backpack. You’ll be doing a lot of walking with your bag. Is the item something you’ll need the whole trip? If you only need it for one day on a week plus trip it can often be better to just buy it once you’re there.


For Winter you’re going to want to pack layers! This is important as outside it will be cold but inside you will get hot quick. You’ll want to bring 2 pairs of shoes. I pack a  pair comfortable running/walking shoes and a pair of winter boots. The boots I bring are my LL Bean boots. (If you’re staying in a hostel or place with shared showers I also recommend a pair of flip-flops). Because Winter is usually the windy and wet season you’ll also want a good travel umbrella. You’ll also want a comfortable down style winter jacket. Base layers are very important as well as they will keep you warmer without making you bulkier. Flannel button up shirts are also a good option as they’re often warm and easy to pack. One more essential item is to make sure you pack a good, warm pair of gloves. 

Wear Your Heaviest Items

One of the best things you can do to save yourself space and weight in your suitcase is to wear your biggest, bulkier or heaviest items while you fly. For me this means wearing my boots and heavy jacket. You’ll be able to take off your boots and heavy jacket once on the plane. These can then be stored away. Doing this will save you from the hefty overweight fees!


One of most underrated items for staying warm! You will thank yourself for bringing a good hat along. I prefer the watch style hat as I can use it to keep my head and my ears warm. You’ll want your hat to cover your ears and head, if it covers part of the back of your neck as well that’s a bonus! 

I hope these winter packing tips help you in your winter travels! If you have any Winter packing tips please share them in the comments bellow or tweet them to @holidayrunaway