Easy answer… Right now!

KLM plane wing out window over the french riviera.

The best time to travel is anytime you can! Life is short and memories last forever. If you have the ability to travel, do it!

On a more serious note, travel should be done whenever you can. If you have the time, do it! Traveling can be done far cheaper than you’d think! I will have an entirely different article coming up on how affordable travel can be if done right on a budget. I find that the sooner in life you travel the easier it is to do. While you may have more money later in life for travel you often won’t have time. Time vs Money is the real issue with travel. The more you have of one the less you’ll have of the other.


Waiting for a train at the station. Trains are a good way to travel

Travel doesn’t have to involve long expensive flights it can be taking a train to a new city.

If you live in the northern hemisphere head south in the winter and for those in the Southern Hemisphere head north in the winter!

For Europe I highly recommend that you travel during the shoulder seasons (Fall and Spring) to get the most bang for your buck. Added bonus is less tourists at the main attractions. Personally most of my travel in Europe has been during the peak summer seasons and prices are definitely higher and the lines longer. Summer is a very hot and very crowded time to go to Europe.

If you’re very interested in the culture of a country check out the big events throughout the year. For the beer lovers Ireland for St. Paddy’s Day or head to Munich Germany for Oktoberfest fest during late September through mid October. For the ultimate food (Tomato) fight head to the town of Buñol in Valencia Spain on the last Wednesday of August and take part in the La Tomatina festival. Who would want to miss out on Carnival in Rio De Janeiro? This large party takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in February.

When should you travel? Whenever possible. Life is short and memories are forever. I can say personally, buying a bottle of your favorite Scotch back home pales in comparison to visiting the distillery in Scotland!


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