United First Review Seattle to Chicago

Arriving 2 hours early to SeaTac airport just outside of Seattle we proceeded to the United Premium baggage desk. I was a little surprised to see that they were using automatic terminals to check in and get your bag tags even for premium. Once the baggage tags were printed they were attached by a United desk employee. I noted that they were not given the usual priority tag for business and first class. We then proceeded to the security checkpoint.

Not related to United but the TSA Precheck line was a little ridiculous. I have never had to wait in a precheck line longer than 5 minutes before. This wait was over after around 25-30 minutes.

We opted to skip the United Club for this departure and instead opted to step into a Pub in the A terminal and got a BLT and Pulled Pork Sandwich.

Boarding went smoothly and we were seated together in First Class. We were quickly offered drinks while the rest of the plane boarded. Kamlyn took a Bloody Mary while I opted for Champagne. The seats were plenty spacious for our needs, me being 6 feet 6 inches tall and Kamlyn coming in at 6 feet. The seats were plenty wide as well allowing for ample room to get comfortable. The 737-900 that we were flying in is definitely older with no personal screens. The tray tables fold out of the armrest which is convenient as it doesn’t matter if the person seated in front of you is reclined. There were power outlets on the front side of the center console armrest bellow the pull-out drink tray.

warm nuts in United First

Warm mixed nuts.

Taking off went smooth though our flight was delayed about half an hour due to the plane arriving late. We were quickly offered another round of drinks as well as brought warm mixed nuts. Our choice for a late lunch/ early dinner was a choice between a cold Asian style salad or the hot dish which was Indian, I didn’t catch the name, a slightly spicy chicken with rice and cheese, a side feta and balsamic salad, chocolate cheesecake and a pretzel bread roll. This meal was quite good. They next served us after dinner drinks.

Indian Chicken dinner United First

The flight attendants were very friendly and quick to joke. They were very attentive to the United First Cabin. At this point in the flight we sat back and Kamlyn pulled out her iPad to watch some downloaded movies while I pulled out my laptop and did some studying for my University work and to share the experience and my take away from it with you all!

Sunset over United Wing

Sunset over United Wing

The take away

Very Good service from the flight attendants. Good tasting food and beverages. Comfortable spacious seat. Convenient power outlets and plenty of workspace. The plane was older and lacked personal entertainment. The plane was also fairly loud on the inside, noise canceling headphones were definitely needed! I would fly United First again!


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