Trips to Take With Friends

The following are trips to take with friends. Traveling with friends is a good way to grow you friendship!

Las Vegas

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas *Stock photo*

First a trip to Sin City! There’s always something to see and do in Las Vegas! You will have plenty of shows, clubs, concerts, events, expos, and more to see in Las Vegas! Not to mention the pools, table games and slots!


Icelandic Horse Spotted while touring Icelands Golden Circle

Icelandic Horse Spotted while touring the Golden Circle in Iceland.

Iceland is one of the hottest destinations currently! If you and your friends are nature lovers then Iceland is the place to be! From the natural hot springs to the Northern Lights there’s something for every nature lover on this beautiful Island!

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cruise ships from the front docked

It doesn’t have to be any specific cruise route, simply going on a cruise with your friends will be a good time! There’s lots to do on the ship both together and individually. You’ll all be able to meet up for dinner if you happen to go your separate ways during the day. In the ports of call you can all explore together or go off separately and share stories of your day once you’re all back together again.

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Miami at night

Miami at night *stock photo*

Miami is a great destination for you and your friends. By day enjoy tours or time spent soaking up the sun on the beaches, by night enjoy the vibrant night life!

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe offers something to do year-round. In the summer soak up the sun and enjoy watersports. In the winter enjoy skiing and take in the beautiful snow.


Disneyland Paris Castle

Disneyland Paris Castle

Visiting Disneyland with a group of friends even if you’re adults is going to be a blast! Who doesn’t enjoy Disneyland? It will be especially fun as a friends trip because you can go at an adults pace without worrying about your kids!

Disneyland Paris


*stock photo*

Camping can be a fun getaway with your friends! From group campsites to back country camping, its always more fun with a group of people! Enjoy the time in nature to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature and your friends.