Trips to Take In Your Twenties


When you’re young you’re rich with time and energy! More so than at any other time in your adult life. This is the time when it’s easy to put your responsibilities on hold and take off on an adventure. So what adventures should you take on during your twenties?


Las Vegas

So Vegas is an obvious one but a definite must. In Las Vegas, Nevada you can party to your hearts content. Test your skills at the casino tables. There is always some show to catch in Las Vegas. Also home to large pool parties Vegas is a must for anyone in their twenties!



Go to whatever the biggest Carnival is where you live. Whether it’s Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Venice Italy or New Orleans USA.  Nothing quite rivals the atmosphere of a large street party. Carnival in Rio attracts more than 2 million people per day! That’s one large party. Carnival ends with lent, the 40 days leading up to Easter.


South East Asia

A trip to South East Asia is a must for any traveler. India and Thailand are both a right of passage for backpackers and vagabonds alike. There is so much culture and history to take in and it can be done on almost any budget.


Backpacking trip

At some point you need to go on a backpacking trip. Whether you do this alone or with friends it is a definite must for your twenties! Backpacking in Europe is a great trip for first time travelers. Take a month or more and travel through many countries. This is best done in Europe. When backpacking in Europe many countries use the same currency, the Euro. Plus, with the Schengen Zone in Europe you can visit 26 countries without going through passport control after first entering.

For information about Amsterdam including a travel guide check out this page from All The Rooms


Spring Break

Take a break from your university studies and go party on a beach for a week! Spring Break acts as the perfect reset do ease your stress during the school year.  If you’re in North America the popular spots

are Miami, Florida and Cancun, Mexico. You should also consider an island getaway to the Caribbean. I prefer Barbados or St. Lucia for a quieter beach getaway. If you’re in Europe head down to the Mediterranean and relax in the Riviera.


Explore a Rainforest

From the Amazon in Brazil to the rainforests of Costa Rica. A journey through a rainforest is a must! Experience the diversity or plants and animals in their natural environment. You can even try overnight camping trips in the rainforest. With increases in logging and deforestation many of these species are endangered and the rainforests themselves may not be around forever. Best to see these sights while they still exist.


Great Barrier Reef

Scuba diving and snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia is a treat and a must for any fan of the ocean. Visible from outer space this massive reef is 2,300 kilometers (1,400 miles) long! The colossal reef is over 344,000 square kilometers (133,000 square miles)!  Often considered to be one of the 7 wonders of the natural world. You might want to hurry on this one as changing conditions in the ocean are bleaching and killing the Great Barrier Reef.


Safari can be a mixed bag when it comes to when to go. Definitely for those with an adventurous streak a safari is a fun way to see nature in it’s natural environment. I say safari is a mix in that while you have to be adventurous and have the time and energy, going on safari can also get quite pricy. Most go on safari in either Kenya or South Africa.


Grand Canyon

A trip to this natural wonder is must if you’re visiting the South West United States. Carved out by the Colorado river the Grand Canyon is 277 miles (446 kilometers) long, as wide as 18 miles (29 kilometers) and up to more than 1 mile (more than 1,800 meters) deep! It’s estimated to be over 5 million years old. Up to 5 million people visit the Grand Canyon each year!


Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest and largest of the Pyramids in Giza. It is the oldest of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. Located in Egypt these pyramids were built in the 2,500s BC almost 4 thousand years ago! You’ll be amazed at their immensity when you see them in person!



Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany is a must for any beer lover! Occurring during the end of September to the first week of October. It’s a big part of Bavarian culture with many other cities across the world hosting their own Octoberfest festivities. While many cities will host their own Oktoberfest you should make your way to Munich, Germany at some point in your twenties!


Spiritual trip

Whether it be meditation retreat to Southeast Asia, a religious pilgrimage or reconnecting to nature. At some point in your twenties it’s valuable to go on a trip to find yourself. When you expose yourself to different cultures you find yourself broadening your views.

 Solo Travel

Solo travel is a definite must during your twenties! A solo trip is best done in your twenties when you don’t have as much responsibility as you will when you’re older. You likely aren’t married, no kids and not yet in your career. When you don’t have these responsibilities it’s much easier for you to take off on your own for a trip. When you travel alone you don’t need to wait for others to be ready to go. Make your own schedule on the fly and worry only about connecting to you and your destination. You don’t need to stay at a museum you don’t want to see just because a travel companion does. You can explore as much or little as you feel. You’ll also make traveling friends for life when you meet new people, without a friend traveling with you, you’re much more likely to make new connections.


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