Traveling can take quite a dent out of your gym time and throw quite the wrench into your routine. Never fear there are easy ways to stay in shape while traveling!

You don’t have access to your gym when you travel. If you’re used to meal prepping you likely won’t have a kitchen either.  Runners are in luck as all you need is a good pair of shoes and you can run anywhere.


Simple Tips

When it comes to staying in shape food and drinks will be your downfall on the road. If you’re anything like me you drink a lot more on the road than you do at home. Drinks both alcoholic and of the soft drink variety are loaded with empty calories and sugar. Now when it comes to food this one is harder as a big part of travel is trying new foods and enjoying the local culinary tastes.

Walk! If you’re not going far from one place to another and the weather is nice, walk. It gives you a great glimpse of life in the city and can even help you stumble upon a cool new site or restaurant you had no idea existed! I chose to walk a couple of miles between two stops on my daily tour schedule in Dublin and on the way found a local wool shop and bought a cheap locally made hat! Similar hats in the touristy area were selling for two to three times the amount I paid. All because I chose to walk!


Quick Workout

So your hotel doesn’t have a gym, or you’re staying in a hostel or Airbnb. Here’s some simple things you can do in your room to keep in shape.

  1. Reverse Lunges: Stand, take a step back with one leg, bending at the knee lower your body till your knee on the back leg is down.
  2. Wall sits:  Stand with your back to a wall and feet shoulder width apart. Lower yourself until your knees and hips form two perfect 90° angle hold for twenty to thirty seconds
  3. Push ups!
  4. Planks: Lay down similar to a push up stance, lay your arms so you’re on your forearms. Lift up your body so your elbows are bend 90°.
  5. Squats: These are also very simple and can be done anywhere. legs apart bend down so your butt is close to your heels.
  6. Calf Raises: My favorite out of these. Standing raise your weight up onto the balls of your feet then slowly lower yourself back down onto your heels.
  7. Crunches: A great core workout with nothing needed.


Following these will help keep you in shape on the go. If part of your fitness routine can be incorporated into your traveling with no needed equipment, do it!  It’s not easy to stay in shape on the go but it is definitely rewarding to keep in shape!

More on this topic will be coming down the road!


Share your travel fitness tips in the comments!