Holiday Runaway 2.0

I have been absent from this blog quite a bit over the last couple months. I have missed writing for Travel is my passion and I enjoy sharing it with all of you.  Ironically I have been busy traveling during these last couple months. I was so busy traveling I had a hard time setting aside the time to write. Then during the few moments I was home I was so busy with life and catching up on months of unattended things back home and people I needed to spend time with I never set aside the time to write. I plan to change this and begin regularly updating Holiday Runaway once again. Look for upcoming content on the many places I’ve visited in Europe lately, cruises, Houston Texas and the Pacific Northwest USA, and much more.  

I will attempt to get myself on a schedule of sorts for regular posting. I want to get back into the swing of writing articles and creating more and better content for Holiday Runaway. I appreciate those of you that have stuck around and want to welcome all potential new readers. 

I am contemplating themed days such as Motivation Monday’s, Tip Tuesdays and Fact Fridays. I will have to see if these will work out for me to produce regularly. 

Stay tuned for much more exciting content! 

Here’s a random tidbit of information I learned over the past couple months while traveling:   Hyde Park is one of eight remaining Royal Parks in London. It is one of the largest and most well known parks in London. Created in 1637, Hyde Park covers 625 acres of green space, water and treed areas. The most well known part of the Park is Speakers Corner. Hyde Park offers calm away from traffic where its visitors can wander around in nature. 

I hope you’ll stick around for the future of Holiday Runaway