Quick Travel Tips


Get To The Airport Early.

I know that they say you should get there 2 hours early for domestic flights and 3 hours early for international. Give yourself at least that much time. I have had long delays at check in, bag drop and security in the past. These delays have in fact eaten up almost all of 3 hours of arriving early. This is why it’s important to get there early.

Contact Solution

As I experienced on a recent trip when Kamlyn needed to take her contacts out to sleep on a plane. The importance of putting contact solution in a small bottle in your carry on.

Global Entry and TSA Precheck

Get Global Entry if you travel abroad and TSA Precheck if you travel domestically. TSA Precheck gives you access to a faster line at security when flying in the United States. Global Entry gives you the benefits of TSA Precheck as well as the benefit of expediated customs entry into the United States. In 2018 on two different occasions, Global Entry saved me hours in line at Customs.


Research before your trip. Its very important to do some research before you travel. Know what sights you want to see. Know the hours of the museums and other attractions you want to visit. A bit of research before you travel is key to having a good trip.

Don’t go overboard before your trip. Don’t spend all day browsing Instagram checking out your destination. I say this so that you don’t over hype yourself and build up an unobtainable expectation for your destination.


Don’t put valuables inside your checked bag. Keep your cameras, laptops, tablets, jewelry, phones and anything else you value with you in your carry on luggage.

Refillable Water Bottle

Bring a refillable water bottle. Traveling will make you thirsty, especially in a dry environment of an airplane! Staying hydrated is key to feeling healthy and energized. It will also help you beat jet lag when you stay hydrated.