Portland Facts

Love Portland? Thinking about visiting? Did you know these interesting Portland facts? Portland is a wonderful city I have visited countless times and you should check it out. Hopefully these facts will interest you!

Portland loves it’s food carts and trucks. Portland first made room for them in 1912!

Portland’s population is quite evenly split on gender lines. 50.5% are female.

It is against the law in Portland to walk down the street with your shoelaces undone!

Portland averages 42 inches of rain with 154 days of measurable rainfall each year.

Portland has had many nicknames. Today it is often referred to as ‘Rose City’ while many years ago it was referred to as ‘Stump Town’. Stump Town came from the many stumps left in the ground as trees were cut to make room for its rapid growth.

Portland like the rest of Oregon has no sales tax

You can’t pump your own gas in Portland.

The Great Blue Heron is the official bird of the City of Portland

Portland hosts an annual naked bike ride.

Mills End Park is the smallest city park in the US at only 2 feet across.

Portland was nearly named Boston. It came down to a coin flip between the two!

Portland is one of only two US Cities to have a dormant Volcano within its city limits!