Packing Tips

So you’ve got a trip coming up and you’re stuck at the packing phase. I dread packing. You think with all the traveling I’ve done I’d no longer be phased by it, but every time I put it off. I am a last minute packer which by no means is a bad thing but it usually leads to me having to buy something when I’m there because I forgot it. These packing tips will help you! 

Roll Your Clothes

Not only will it reduce the chances of your clothing creasing but it will save space! The more space you can save the more you can bring!

Dryer sheets

When you put your clothes in your suitcase or bag a dryer sheet will help you reduce static electricity. Bonus it will keep things smelling great! 

Adapter Plugs

Chances are where you’re going will have a different outlet than what you use back home. It’s important to bring the adapters so you can be sure your devices stay charged up! 

Subtract One 

Unless you’ve been traveling extensively, even we seasoned travelers still need this rule, you will over pack! The way to avoid doing this is to lay out all of your clothing and subtract one of each item. 

Stain Remover

Accidents happen to the best of us. That’s why it’s important to bring along a stain remover stick! From food to dirt and everything in between it’s easy for clothing to stain. When these stains happen you don’t have a lot of clothes with you and you may not have immediate access to a washer like you do at home. A stain remover stick can easily keep you going stain free.


Bags! I always bring a plastic grocery bag and a couple ziplock bags. When you travel you may not always have time to let a swimsuit dry or air out some stinky laundry. 

Personal Item

On top of your carry on bag most airlines will allow you to take a personal item. This is is typically a purse, laptop or camera bag or small backpack. Don’t waste this item on a tiny camera bag or purse. Bring a backpack for your camera or other items or a large purse. As long as it meets the airlines personal bag size you’re good. 

Fly With Your Big Items

To save space wear your bulky shoes and layer when you fly. Wearing your coat and bigger shoes saves you valuable space in your bags! 

Do You Really Need It

Before you pack everything into your bag lay it all out and analyze everything. Do you really need your hiking boots for a trip that will be 90% city? Do you really need all of those shoes? How about that jacket when you’re going to Rome in the summer? Often you’ll find things that you’ll never use enough to justify its space in your bag. 

Don’t Pack Valuables I’m Checked Luggage 

If you must pack checked luggage don’t pack any of your valuables inside. There’s nothing worse than lost luggage or your valuables going missing. 


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