Lufthansa Business Class 747-400 Seattle to 



I arrived at SeaTac International Airport a bit earlier than I’d needed to. I quickly found the Lufthansa desk and got myself all checked in. Business Class line was short, I got my bags checked quickly. I next headed off towards security. The Main lines were atrociously long so I looked for business class. The line for Business class was still longish so I took advantage of my Global Entry Status and headed over to the TSA Pre Check line. Here I breezed through security. From being dropped off at the airport to making my way through security it took me about 7 minutes including bag drop off. 

Seatac Airport

I made my way over to the S Terminal using the underground train. I found my way to the Club At Sea*. This is a contracted lounge at SeaTac that Lufthansa shares with a couple of other airlines. The lounge was pleasant however not the nicest one I’ve been in.

About one hour before boarding I approached the gate agent and asked her if when we are closer to boarding could I get in the plane early to take photographs of the empty cabin for this review. I was told to come back and ask once their manager was present.  Returning around 20 minutes before boarding I began to ask one of the agents when immediately their manager walked up, said she had been informed of my request and allowed me on early to photograph the empty cabin and get settled.

Lufthansa Business Class

The Flight

Sleeper Seat in Lufthansa Business Class

Sleeper seat in Lufthansa Business Class

Entering the cabin, I was directed forward to my seat. I stowed my belongings in the overhead compartment and began to photograph the Business class seat and cabin. I made some small talk with the flight attendants while messing with seat angles and making it perfect for the photos. Just as I was finishing with what I wanted to do, other Business Class passengers began to board.  The timing was perfect.

Nuts and Drinks

Nuts and Drinks

I was quickly brought a glass of Champagne, in real glass. Next the flight attendant responsible for just a small number of the Business Class section came over and took the time to learn how to pronounce my name. After she learned my name she excitedly told me what my name means in German! After the first round of champagne, she came back and took my order for another drink. When delivering the drink, she dropped off the Lufthansa Business Class dinner menu.

Take off was smooth. Many in Business Class, myself included, had to be reminded to put our chairs in the upright position before taking off.

Shortly after reaching cruising altitude the flight attendants came by and took my dinner order. After what only felt like a few minutes (it was actually an hour!) dinner was brought around. I had ordered for an appetizer Spicy Chili crusted Tuna, Buckwheat Noodle Salad and Lime Dressing and I also asked to try the Honey Ancho Beef Jicama Roll with Corn Pepper Salad and Gazpacho Vinaigrette. Both appetizers were delicious. The Buckwheat noodles where the only part that I didn’t enjoy. They weren’t bad, just very bland, and flavorless.  For the main course I ordered Beef Short Rib with Gremolata, braised Red Cabbage, grilled Baby Carrot and Rutabaga whipped Potatoes, the flight attendant also brought me another dish, Black Pepper Fettuccini with Red Swiss Chard, Cannellini Beans, grilled Baby Zucchini and Cherry Tomatoes. Both dishes were fantastic. The Beef Short Rib was amazingly tender. The pasta was very flavorful. Dessert was a cup of Haagen-Dazs Dulce De Leche ice cream. This was the perfect pick me up after such a wonderful meal. I’ve had many bland and terrible meals on past flights, so I was very pleased overall with the quality of food in Lufthansa Business Class.


The bathrooms were spacious in Business Class with plenty of room to move around. Amenities in the bathroom included razers with shaving cream, wipes, lotion, mouthwash, toothbrushes, and toothpaste.

Early in the flight the service time was slow when hitting the call button. The time was over two minutes for one call. However later in the flight the time improved to only as long as could be expected for a flight attendant to walk from their area up to my seat.

The lights dimmed to simulate night as we flew to Frankfurt Germany. With the lights dimming I slept for the next half of the flight. With 90 minutes left to go on the flight I was woken up to the cabin lights coming back on. It was breakfast time!

Breakfast in Lufthansa Business Class was surprisingly delicious. The meal consisted of scrambled eggs, fresh orange juice, prosciutto, and mozzarella cheese. The scrambled eggs were better than the ones I make at home! This blew me away considering it was airplane food!


The Seats measured 80 inches when fully reclined which gave me plenty of room to lay down. This was impressive to me as I am 2 meters (6’6″)  tall!  For entertainment purposes there was a 15 inch screen controlled by a remote in your armrest.

The remote for the TV display and your tray table. Located inside the armrest.

There were hundreds of movies to choose from on the flight and the screen could be adjusted to accommodate you reclining.  Provided with the seat was a comfortable blanket and pillow. There was also a water bottle and amenity kit in every seat. The amenity kit contained a tooth brush and toothpaste, a Lufthansa branded eye mask for sleeping, soft socks, moisturizer, lip balm, a mint, disposable earplugs and headphone covers.  Perhaps my favorite amenity and it’s truly a simple one, the holder for eye glasses! This little clip to hook them on was so helpful. It can be hard to find a safe home for glasses while trying to sleep on a plane and having a small clip to safely store them was very helpful. 

Lufthansa branded headphones by Bose.

My final thoughts on Lufthansa Business Class on a 747-400

If you’re flying long distance and in the market for a Business Class seat, I highly recommend Lufthansa. The seats fully reclined into beds, the blankets were warm (almost too warm) and the flight was smooth. Food onboard was quite good considering that it was served on a plane.  The scrambled eggs were exceptionally good.

This was one of my favorite flights to date in a Business Class Cabin. I can’t wait to fly Lufthansa Business Class again.