Jansport Cable Organizer Burrito

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Tired of tangled or missing cables when traveling? I was always struggling to pull a cable out at the airport or thinking I packed it away only to leave it behind. I found the Jansport cable organizer burrito online and ordered one before my trip to Ireland in Early 2018. This handy little pouch quickly proved itself useful. I was able to store my charging cables inside of it (excluding my laptops cable). I was also able to store my SD cards inside as well as my Apple Pencil.

Jansport cable organizer burrito

Folded shut

Weighing in at 3.2 ounces and measuring 13.5-inches by 9.25-inches. This burrito can certainly hold it all and doesn’t take up too much space once rolled up.

It is quite amusing to pull it out on the plane or sitting in a café and have people stare at you thinking you just pulled a burrito out of your bag.

There are a couple Pros and Cons of this item.


  • Very convenient way to store your cables
  • Plenty of storage
  • Rolls up into a nice compact size for storage
  • Conversation piece


  • Not actually food
  • Can’t eat it
  • Everyone will notice which isn’t always desired
  • Others will pretend to eat it

Final decision

This Jansport cable organizer burrito is the perfect addition to my carry on bag and would be a good pick for you! Overall it’s a goofy product but it’s pretty useful.