Flying Icelandair

Icelandair wing before take off at Seatac Airport in Seattle

I recently took a flight to Europe using Icelandair. The flight was booked six months in advanced, an eternity compared to my usual travel planning schedule. I was unsure of how the flight would go as my initial thoughts went to budget airline, seeing as I got my ticket for only a couple hundred bucks round trip from Seattle to London Heathrow via Reykjavik. Boy was I wrong!

I was greeted boarding the plane by a friendly crew and a bottle of Iceland water.

Bottle of Icelandic Glacial water given when boarding Icelandair flight.

Bottle of water when boarding Icelandair flight.

My ticket was just a standard economy fare. On my way to Reykjavik I was seated in a window seat above the wing. I was a row behind the exit with no extra leg room. This is a bit of a problem for me as I am an exceptionally tall individual, at 2 meters, however for someone of more modest height the legroom would plenty. However that was my only problem while flying Icelandair! The seats were exceptionally comfortable. Each seat came with an average pillow but a very comfortable blanket. This Blanket made the long journey all the nicer, it was thick and comfortable unlike your average thin scratch airline blanket. The proof? I actually thought about taking it in my carry on for a nice little couch blanket back home.

The food on board was pretty decent as well with a nice mix of Icelandic treats.  I particularly liked the Hjónabandssæla, translated as Wedding Bliss” this cake/cookie pastry is made from oatmeal, flour and rhubarb jam.  This is a very tasty little treat on a long flight.



Northern Lights!

By far my favorite part of the flight was the view! During the flight a flight attendant noticed I was one of the few people currently awake. She said I should open my window shade and look outside. I did and was immediately treated to views of the Northern Lights! they danced along the sky various shades of green. It was beautiful and I wish I had my proper photography equipment on me to capture them. But with the naked eye they were gorgeous.

Green shimmers from the Northern Lights seen from Icelandair flight

Northern Lights captured from IcelandAir.


Final Thoughts

Going in I was unsure what to think about Icelandair because of how cheap my fare was to Europe. However after flying with them to London I will definitely fly with them again.  I highly recommend you check them out if you are planning to fly to Europe. You can even get a stop over in Iceland of up to 7 Days on your way to or from Europe.