Henry Ford Museum

In the Detroit, Michigan suburb of Dearborn there’s a wonderful museum devoted to Cars and the transportation of America. The Henry Ford Museum.

I visited the Henry Ford Museum in September of 2016 while journeying to the Midwest for my cousins wedding. Having only 3-4 hours to visit was just not enough time to see all that I wished to explore.  One of my favorite exhibits was the old trains and presidential limousines.  The older nostalgic cars were displayed in a way that took you through the ages with the choices of transportation and how they fit into the American Society.  The Era of drive in restaurants and American love of cars.

Early Orange Semi truck at the Henry Ford Museum

I really enjoyed seeing one of the first school buses and the early semi trucks.

Early Blue Bird school bus at the Henry Ford Museum

Henry Ford was born in July of 1863 in the small town of Springwells Township, Michigan (nine miles out from Detroit). At 16 he left home and worked in a machining mill.   He married at the age of 25 and as a hobby he tinkered with machinery and tried to develop engines.  At 33 he motorized a quadricycle and rode it around the streets of Detroit. In August of 1899 at the age of 36, he used the money he had gotten from investors ,who believed in his innovations after seeing his quadricycle, and opened the Detroit Automobile Company.

If you ever have the opportunity to tour the Henry Ford Museum, I recommend 1 full day to do so.

What a great tribute to the man who put us all on wheels.  How far we have come from the early Model A and Model T’s.


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