Why Visit the French Riviera

Ah the French Riviera, home of beautiful blue water and delicious food. When Europeans head for a beach holiday they often wind up on the south coast of France. Just hearing the words French Riviera makes you want to grab your passport and book a flight. In the 19th century this is where the rich of Europe went to gamble and escape the grey skies of Northern Europe.

Artists have long been drawn to the French Riviera. There are museums all over showing the works of Matisse, Chagall and Picasso. Grand hotels are also found all along the French Riviera.

Long the playground of the rich and famous, the French Riviera is a beautiful play to vacation. Saint Tropez and Brigitte Bardot, Monaco and Grace Kelley and Coco Chanel.

Yachts in Monaco

Fine dining is just around the corner in the French Riviera. You may face sticker shock at some of the restaurants in the tourist districts. Simply walk a block or two away from the Main Streets and you can find a much more affordable meal. Daube is a traditional beef stew and popular in southern France. While in the area try Ratatouille! Nicosie salad is another famous dish from the French Riviera, originating in Nice.

Crepes in Nice Cake

With an abundance of flowers growing in the perfect climate of the French Riviera. Perfumes have long been associated with France. Many perfumes are produced in the


Monte Carlo

Monaco known largely for its Grand Prix started in 1929 and lavish casino. Monaco is actually an independent country in the south of France. It takes up barely 1 square mile of territory making it one of the smallest countries on earth. Monaco is long a haven for the rich! In the 1860s the prince built a grand casino. Monte Carlo casino is still standing and one of the biggest attractions in Monaco. I recommend you check out the marina, you’ll soon come down with yacht envy in no time! At noon check out the changing of the guard at the palace for the Grimaldi family. The family took Monaco in 1297 AD and still rules Monaco today.



Nice, France is the quintessential town that comes to mind when i hear the French Riviera. Nice has a distinctly Italian vibe mixed with French culture. Up until the 1860’s, Nice was an Italian City. You’ll still find things written in both languages and Pasta reigns King. Take a stroll down the promenade to find your next meal then pop into a private beach. With a pebbly beach you want to take advantage of these beach clubs as they offer you a lounge chair, umbrella and usually wait service for the bar! A stop into the Matisse museum is a must!


Marseille on the South of France is a port city since its founding by the Greeks in the 600s BC. Though not traditionally part of the French Riviera I felt compelled to add Marseille due to its age as the most ancient city in France and that over 5 million people chose to vacation there in 2017! The old port is he heart of the Marseille. Check out the daily fish market for the great catch and a taste of the Mediterranean! Stop by MuCEM “Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée” is a museum devoted to the European and Mediterranean Civilizations. Fort Saint Jean stands watch at the entrance to the Old Port, it was built by King Louis XIV nearly 360 years ago!


Cannes probably congers up thoughts of a lavish international film festival. What you may not immediately think about are the sun-kissed beaches and long promenade. Sit back and relax soaking up the rays.

If your passport isn’t already in hand and your favorite flight booking website open, I hope this post will have at least inspired you to consider the South Coast of France!