Quick Flying Tips

When you have to travel there’s usually no faster way to get from point A to point B than to fly. Flying has become such a massive part of travel that you often can’t think to go any other way. Try the following flying tips to make your next flight smooth!

Be Friendly

Flying can be stressful, security lines, customs, long boarding lines. When all the stress gets to you, remember to be friendly. Talk to those around you. Especially if you’re flying alone. It can really change the mood of a flight if you have someone interesting to talk to. Flight attendants are also humans just like you, be friendly to them and they’ll be friendly back. Smile when they pass and say hello when you board the plane. Who knows, they may be able to get you an extra snack!


You’ll need something to keep yourself and possibly your kids entertained. Entertainment can range from movies to books to games. Often airlines will offer free entertainment on long flights (especially international flights). It’s still best to bring your own entertainment along for the flight. I often download movies and TV shows to my iPad and typically an Audiobook from Audible to my phone.

Prepare to Board

Prepare yourself to board the airplane. Make sure your water bottle is full and what you’ll need for your flight is at the top of your bag. When you board the plane quickly take out what you’ll need and place it on your seat or in the seat back pocket. Next stow your bag in the overhead bin and keep the space under the seat in front of you clear for extra leg room.


Now I know it’s not always financially possible to buy economy plus, business or first class tickets at the time of booking. However you can often get cheap upgrades at the time of check-in. If you’re in economy then the best value in my opinion is an upgrade to economy plus.


This is probably the most important of the flying tips I can share with you. Rest before you fly. This will greatly increase your ability to hit the ground running.


Keeping yourself well stretched is crucial to staying comfortable during a flight. No one likes to be stiff. Simply roll your foot to stimulate blood flow and keep your ankles from getting stiff. For me the best stretch is to stand up and twist my torso from side to side.