Dublin Day Two

On my second day in Dublin I tackled much more of the history of Dublin and Ireland.

I woke up early had a nice breakfast and got caught up on some work I had to do. Afterwards I headed for the EPIC Museum on Irish emigration. At Epic I found out all about the Irish influence around the world. For example 22 American presidents have an Irish connection. We all come from somewhere

After leaving the EPIC Museum I made my way over to the Oscar Wilde statue in Merrion Square Park. A stone Oscar stares off at his childhood home across the street. I jumped back on my Hop on Hop off bus and road to my next stop Christ Church Cathedral. Christ Church Cathedral founded in 1030 AD and is the oldest of the two main Medieval cathedrals in Dublin, the other being Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. Christ Church Cathedral makes for a nice stop and you can see its two famous old residents the cat and the rat down in the crypt.

Leaving Christ Church Cathedral I walked across the street to Dublinia. Dublinia is a museum of Viking Age and Medieval Dublin.

Embracing my Viking Roots wearing a viking helmet and tunic

Embracing my Viking Roots

In Dublinia I put on a Viking helmet and tunic and embraced my viking ancestry. I was fascinated by the history of Dublin and how it was founded by the Vikings in 841 AD.

Leaving Dublinia behind I headed off towards Guinness. I stopped off in a wool shop along the way and bought myself an Irish woolen flat cap. I then made my way down to the Guinness Storehouse.

Guinness logo on a gate

The Guinness Storehouse is quite the interesting tour. It offers a glimpse at the history of Guinness beer as well as its production. Honestly I wasn’t too interested in the lower floors of the museum but the advertisement section was pretty neat. The best part was learning how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness!

After my tour of the Guinness brewery I headed over to Phoenix Park. Phoenix Park is a beautiful public park created in 1623 AD. It spans 2.73 square miles.  It really is a lovely place for a stroll. After spending some time admiring Phoenix Park I headed back to my hotel before heading over to a Traditional Irish Music Pub Crawl. The one I went on starts at Oliver St. John Gogarty’s Hostel
18 Anglesea Street Dublin.   It starts at 7:30pm (19:30) and goes til about 10:00pm (22:00).  I learned some traditional songs and learned more about Ireland’s musical history.

Bar stairs in Dublin during the Musical Pub Crawl


Overall my my second day gave me a fantastic glimpse of Irish culture. If one thing is for sure I will be back! Ireland until next time!


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