While sailing on Viking Ocean Cruises I visited Cornwall England. It was love at first sight! Cornwall is an amazing part of England. I visited Falmouth, Lands End, St. Ives and everything in between. I thought I would help you fall in love with this beautiful region of England as well. 

Cornwall is located in South West England. It ends with Lands End in the west. Home to the largest coastline of all the counties in England, 433 miles! Over 500,000 people call Cornwall home! Cornwall was once the biggest tin producer in the world. Some famous British TV shows have been shot in Cornwall are Poldark, Wild West, Wycliffe and Doc Martin!

Cornwall fish and chips

Fish and chips in St. Ives

The fish in Cornwall are fresh and delicious. The restaurant where I had this fish and chips has a board where they mark what fish are fresh caught that morning!


Lands End Cornwall England

Lands end

Home of the First and last everything in England. First and last post box, gift shop, parking lot, bathroom, etc.

Cornwall beach

Lovely sandy beaches


Cornwall pathways

The towns are tightly packed along the coast making for cool back pathways.

Cornwall lifeguard ship

The lifeguard boat stands ready to rescue those in need!


St Ives tight streets

Streets are tight in St. Ives! I wouldn’t want to drive here!


Cornwall Church

Church tower in St. Ives

St Ives, old market building


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