Berlin, Germany is easily one of my favorite cities in the world!  From its well-developed public transit to dozens of fantastic museums. Berlin is such an easy city to explore and live in.

Make sure to enjoy the potato salad! It pairs well with a good bratwurst.


Brandenburg Gate, a site know for its link to many significant moments in Germany’s history. Most recently it was the meeting point for the West and East German leaders in 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down. Today it is a popular tourist destination.


The Reichstag building is a building with quite a history. It was the home of the German Parliament before being burned out in 1933. It wasn’t until 1990 during the German reunification that the building was scheduled to be rebuilt. In 1999 it was reopened for use by the German Parliament.


For me the lawn in front of the Reichstag building was a great place for a picnic lunch on a nice summer day.


A trip to Berlin is not complete without a visit to the beautiful Berlin Zoo!


Berlin is full of friendly Buskers.


Tiergarten is an urban park in downtown Berlin Germany. It is one of the largest urban parks in Germany. Tiergarten origin dates back to the early 1500s when it was used as a hunting ground. Today Tiergarten is a great place for a quick break from the hustle and bustle of city life.


The Holocaust Memorial in Berlin Germany is located next to the U.S. Embassy and one block south of Brandenburg Gate. The memorial opened in 2005, 60 years after the end of WWII. The Memorial is a massive collection of towers of varying heights. The best way I’ve heard it interpreted was by a local professor who said that the memorial was built in such a way that didn’t make sense, just like the atrocities committed during the war.



The Soviet War Memorial is located in Tiergarten. It was erected in 1945 to honor the roughly 80,000 soviet soldiers that died during the battle for Berlin.


It’s not Germany if you don’t enjoy a pint of Beer! Berlin like the rest of Germany is home to many great varieties of beer. Be sure to sample many!


While enjoying some good beer or simply waiting on your train try some Currywurst! It’s a tasty sausage paired with curry powder and ketchup.


The Berlin Cathedral is a beautiful Neo Renascence building located on Museum Island. In its current form construction was completed in 1905. However the cathedral has been rebuilt many times since it was first opened in the mid 1400’s.


The S-Bahn and U-Bahn are the best way to get around Berlin. When I was studying in Berlin this was where my commute started each morning, Mexikoplatz Station.


Germany is a very culturally diverse city and it is pretty fun to just people watch. You never know what you might see next. In this instance a person sized teddy bear riding home with someone after a night out.


Berlin is definitely a contender in cities to study abroad in! This is part of the campus of Freie Universitat Berlin. Where I studied the rise of modern Europe and the EU.


At night I suggest you take the trains to Potsdamer Platz. here you can go to the Adjacent Sony Center.


In the Sony Center you can catch a movie, get some dinner or just people watch. It’s a great place to start or end a night though it can be a little pricier than the less touristy parts of Berlin.


One restaurant I was particularly fond of in Berlin was at the Sony Center. It was the Corroboree Restaurant and Cafe Bar. Now I’m a little bias on this seeing as they serve one of my favorite meats, Kangaroo.


I hope these 17 photographs will help to inspire you to visit Berlin. It’s such a beautiful city. Berlin Definitely deserves a spot on your bucket list.

Leave a comment if you plan to visit Berlin or if you have been and have any stories you’d like to share!