Berlin Facts

Here are some interesting facts about The capital of Germany. I hope you enjoy these fun Berlin Facts! For what to see in Berlin you can read Berlin Top Sights


  • Berlin is the only city in the world with three active opera houses.


  • Berlin is nine times bigger than Paris at 892 square kilometers


  • Potsdamer Platz was home to Europe’s first traffic light in 1924


  • Berlin is home to the largest train station in Europe.


  • More bridges than Venice Italy! About 1,700 of them!


  • Europe’s most visited Zoo is in Berlin!


  • With almost 200 museums Berlin has more museums than rainy days!


  • A public transportation stop is never more than 500 meters away.


  • Only 1 in every 4 Berliners are actually from Berlin.


  • 435 people move to Berlin each day while only 327 people move out. That’s an impressive growth rate!


  • Berlin has a massive public transport system. It’s buses, trams and trains travel the equivalent distance of 8.7 trips around the Earth each day!

Berlin Facts

  • Berliners love their little traffic light men. Named Ampelmännchen these little light men tell you when it’s safe to cross the street.


Did you know any of these facts about Berlin? Berlin is a rapidly growing city full of culture and history. It’s well worth a trip!