Bergen Airport and SAS Café Lounge


My first thought on the way to this small airport was how amazing it was to drive through the tunnels on the way here from Bergen. Arriving at Bergen Airport I took notice of how small it is. I’m used to passing through major international airports during my travels and it’s nice to visit a smaller airport. The biggest benefit was the short queues.

Bergen Airport

SAS Cafe Lounge at Bergen Airport

SAS Cafe Lounge at Bergen Airport

I made it through security quickly and found my way to the SAS lounge. This lounge was small and quaint. Very simple in design, you scan your boarding pass at the front and the gate opens for you. Inside was a small food section, several tables, and a padded bench with little single tables.  The selection of food was minimal but good. I enjoyed a bowl of fresh oatmeal with cinnamon and sat back to wait for my flight.

Food options available at Bergen Airport SAS Cafe Lounge


There is free Wi-Fi available at Bergen Airport. If you log into it with your e-mail you will get 2 hours access. Once your 2 hours are up will have to log back in. I was unable to find a luggage storage facility.


The SAS Café lounge at Bergen Airport could have benefited from having its own bathroom. However, the bathroom wasn’t located far away. Less than a 1-minute walk once you leave the lounge.  One huge plus was how few people were in the lounge.


Final thoughts

The Bergen airport was a nice airport to spend time in waiting for a flight. Even with a whole cruise ship worth of passengers being shuttled there at one time it didn’t feel crowded. The SAS Café lounge was a nice place to spend time with a good selection of snacks and food.