5 Reasons to Sail the Seas with Viking

Viking cruises started in 1997 with 4 river cruise boats. Viking has dominated the industry becoming the name synonymous with cruising the rivers of Europe. In 2015 Viking expanded their horizons to the Seas with the launch of their small ship ocean cruise market. Viking was recently voted the #1 River Cruise Line by Condé Nast Traveler in their 2017 Readers’ Choice Awards, and for the second year in a row, has been rated the #1 Ocean Cruise Line* by Travel + Leisure readers in the World’s Best Awards 2017.

Small Size

Viking masterfully pulls off the small cruising aspect! The ocean ships operated by Viking feel private with capacity for only 930 passengers. Compare that to the industry standard of 3,000 passengers or 5,000 – 6,000 at the max. Due to this lower capacity you’ll feel like you’re alone on the ship. I have many cruises under my belt and I can tell you, snagging a prime spot to sunbathe on a higher capacity ship is an art form. On my last Viking Cruise I had my pick of just about any loungers on the deck! You’ll never have to fight for a spot at dinner either. I even found that at the reservation “required” specialty dinner spots, The Chefs table & Manfredi’s I was able to just walk up to and ask for a seat.


The level of service on Viking is over the top. Crew couldn’t be any more attentive or friendly. Every crew member I interacted with was able to recall my Name, room number, order and any other random price of relative information from previous conversations or interactions. On my first night I was turned away by the Chefs Table as the hostess told me it was too late for a table, it was about 7:30 pm. I quickly headed off to another restaurant to grab a bite to eat. No sooner had I sat down did the restaurant manager show up, he said he heard I wanted to eat at the Chefs table and would love to take me down there and get me a table. This is the level of service Viking offers. Their crew goes above and beyond to make sure you have a fantastic cruise. The cabin stewards take care of problems you didn’t even know you had. I for one found a bookmark placed in my book and I couldn’t even see the crease from where I had folded the corner.


With Viking Cruises you barely have to pay for anything. All food is included, soft drinks, coffee, snacks, even wine and beer with your meals, it’s all included! They even give you one included excursion at every port! This really sets them apart as with other cruise lines I’ve sailed you don’t receive any free excursions. Every Stateroom on Viking Ocean ships include a private veranda. Viking will handle all of your air arrangements as well.


Viking offers a wide choice of amazing amenities on board their Ocean Ships. The Liv Nordic Spa on board their ocean cruise ships are top-notch! The spa has a full service spa, barbershop, fitness center, locker rooms, thermal pool, hot tub, sauna, cold plunge pool, ice water bucket and even a snow grotto!

Snow Grotto on board Viking Ocean ship. Photo courtesy of Viking

Yep, you read that right! On your cruise you can experience snow in the middle of the tropics!

Viking Spa

Thermal pool and hot tub in the Spa on board a Viking Ocean Cruise. Photo courtesy of Viking

Viking Cruises offer a wide range of educational perks too while you’re sailing. Each ship has a Viking heritage center on board with a Resident Historian. These Historians are available during ‘office hours’ and will also give lectures on the history of your destination.


Aside from historical lectures Viking also offers world-class lectures. These lectures are designed to benefit your time spent onshore by providing you insight into the architecture, music, politics, natural world and more for each destination! These lectures are held in the theater and are given by authors, archaeologists, naturalists and even former diplomats.

Viking also has a number of musicians on board. from a classical trio to resident pianist. They fill the ship with lovely music throughout the day and evening.

By far my favorite amenity is the infinity pool on the Aquavit terrace on the back of the ship. This pool provides an amazing view with its glass wall off the back of the ship. You can also relax here with many loungers, a bar and the World Cafe is right next door.

infinity pool with viking

Infinity pool on the Aquavit Terrace. Photo courtesy of Viking


Viking offers destinations across the world. While Viking now operates a small fleet of ocean-going cruise ships they offer a long list of cruise routes. They’re able to do this by only offering each route a handful of times per year. Ocean routes run usually between 8 and 15 days. They also offer bigger routes that are a combination of smaller routes back to back these run usually 22-50 days. Viking is growing its ocean cruise line at a rapid rate and can only offer more routes to come in the future!


These are 5 reasons to sail the seas with Viking Ocean Cruises. Viking sets out to offer the best travel experience they can and they deliver. Being awarded for the second year in a row, as the #1 Ocean Cruise Line* by Travel + Leisure readers in the World’s Best Awards 2017 Viking is well worth checking out. You can find more information on their website!