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Month: May 2018

Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward Today on twitter a very cool travel story emerged. A passenger on an American Airlines flight was hit by a sudden fee when boarding her flight. This sudden fee meant she would have to miss her flight as they...

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Iceland Itinerary

Iceland Itinerary I am looking forward to my upcoming trip to Iceland. I was able to spend just about 24 hours in Iceland in February of 2018 due to an unexpected stop over on my way back from Ireland. To see Iceland properly...

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A Scary Moment

A scary moment This story is a reminder of why it is always important to keep your guard up when in an unfamiliar place. Your trip can quickly take a turn for the worse. This scary moment happened a couple years back in Rome,...

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Portland Facts

Portland Facts Love Portland? Thinking about visiting? Did you know these interesting Portland facts? Portland is a wonderful city I have visited countless times and you should check it out. Hopefully these facts will interest...

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