2018 Travel Plans

With 2018 now one-quarter over it’s time to look ahead and see where Holiday Runaway is headed to this year. What parts of the world will be explored in the coming months.

Booked destinations

A return to Barcelona, Spain to explore the culture and the famous works of Antoni Gaudí.

Murcia, Spain to explore the ancient Roman city of Cartagena

Grenada, Spain exploring the history and culture of the region

Porto, Portugal It will be my first time in Portugal and I’m excited to experience what it has to offer.

Falmouth England where I’ll explore the city before heading off to St. Ives and Lands End

Salisbury England and StoneHenge

France. Paris and Normandy, it’ll be my 4th trip to Paris and my First trip to Normandy. I plan to follow in the footsteps of Claude Monet and visit the D-Day landing sights

Bruges, Belgium. I will return to Bruges after 3 years to explore this medieval city once more.

Amsterdam, Netherlands. It’s been almost 3 years since I lived in Holland. It will be nice to return. I’ve been able to live in two cities in the Netherlands before and I look forward to a quick visit.

Utrecht, Netherlands. A quick visit to one of my favorite cities from my University days.

Bergen, Norway. My first trip to Norway will bring me to Bergen. I plan to get a taste of local Farm life and Mount Fløien

Reykjavik, Iceland. For the second time in 2018 I will visit Iceland. The blue lagoons and the golden circle are calling my name.

Seattle, Washington I plan multiple trips to Seattle during the remainder of 2018

Houston, Texas my Brother getting married will bring me down to Texas later this year.

Possible destinations

Rome, Italy my first solo destination years ago and another city I was able to call home during University, I would love to visit Rome again this year.

Budapest, Hungry

Athens, Greece I would love to explore the sights of the Ancient Greek

Bucharest, Romania

Sarajevo, Bosnia

Belgrade, Serbia

Sofia, Bulgaria

These would be part of a possible backpacking trip through Eastern Europe.

This is where I will be going this year for sure. I plan to bring you the best tips and information I can from these destinations. I hope to encourage you to visit them all as well and will see you on the road! All travel is subject to change and may include more destinations currently unplanned.