Iceland Facts 

Located in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. Iceland is a fascinating place and is well worth a visit! Here I will share a couple of facts with you about Iceland. I enjoy Iceland so much I’ve visited twice this year to bring you these Iceland Facts! (2018) 

  1. Iceland sees the northern lights roughly 280 days out of the year 
  2. The Arctic Fox is the only mammal native to Iceland 
  3. Iceland was discovered in 
  4. On average there are volcanic eruptions every 4 years! 
  5. There are no Forests on Iceland 
  6. Recently beer was not legal in Iceland, it was made legal again in 1989
  7. Iceland was one of the last places settled by people 
  8. Iceland doesn’t have a military, instead the United States offers protection
  9. The United Kingdom is the only country to ever occupy/invade Iceland
  10. Iceland is one of the oldest democracies in the world, established in 930 AD
  11. Iceland is one of the only two places where you can find tectonic plates above the water. 
  12. The Icelandic language is still readily preserved and unchanged. Unlinked many other languages Icelandic is still much the same as it was hundreds of years ago. 
  13. In December Iceland is home to almost 24 hours of darkness and in June almost 24 hours of Sun! 
  14. There is no railway system in Iceland! 
  15. Iceland is the second largest island in Europe after Great Britain 

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