11 Quick Travel Tips


Traveling is both exhilarating and exhausting. Planning a trip is stressful but also wonderful. Here are some tips to help you succeed when traveling!

1) Pack light

It’s perfectly acceptable to wear the same shirt or pants more than one day on a trip! Look at the clothes you’re packing, you can probably get away with taking half of it. Ask yourself if you really need the item more than once on the trip.

2) Avoid Foreign Transaction Fees

Make sure your credit card doesn’t have a foreign transaction fee. There’s no need to hand over a percentage of your hard-earned money to a bank just because you’re on vacation! Make sure your credit card doesn’t include a foreign transaction fee.

3) Solo Travel at least Once

Once in your life at least you should go on a solo trip! Solo travel has changed my life for the better and can only do the same for you! You’ll connect to yourself and learn about yourself. Solo travel will make you more independent. It really helped me get out of my shell and learn to talk to people. Solo travel gave me the confidence I needed to make it in life. When traveling solo you will need to figure everything out on your own. You will become very self-reliant.

4) Don’t take everything with you

Don’t take all of your bank cards and money with you when you go out. In case something happens to you. If you have some left back at your hotel, hostel, etc. you’re not totally cut off from your funds.

5) Copies

Email yourself a copy of your passport and other important documents

6) Maps

Using a map is invaluable when traveling. Conventional wisdom is to avoid looking like a tourist. While this is true, you can still look at a map. Use one on your phone! Looking at your phone periodically isn’t unusual at all. Using a map is much better than winding up lost in a strange, new city.

7) Quick bites

Don’t be afraid to visit a McDonald’s or Starbucks when traveling. You totally should eat locally while traveling. However sometimes you need to grab a quick bite on the go before getting on a train. A taste of home is also helpful on long journeys.  More often though when I’m traveling I won’t visit these places to eat, but instead to grab a drink and wait for a train. I tend to feel safer sitting in a McDonald’s for the hour before my train than waiting in the crowded train station.

8) Pack a Flashlight

You never know when you’ll need it!

Bring a Flashlight

9) Make Friends

Don’t limit yourself to just the people you traveled with. Open up and talk to people you meet along your journey. You could make some great new friends for life!

10) Jackets

Even in the hottest of places, nights can get pretty cold!

11) Don’t over plan your trip

If you plan it down to the minute you will burn yourself out. Let the days build naturally. Plan out the big things you want to see and see if the rest of it falls in naturally. I like to travel like this because it alleviates the stress of falling off schedule.