10 Interesting Bulgaria Facts

Flag of Bulgaria Facts

Flag of Bulgaria

Here are 10 interesting Bulgaria Facts!

  1. The Cyrillic Alphabet was created in Bulgaria!  Created in the 9th century AD it is now one of the most widely used alphabets with over 250 million people using it as their national alphabet.
  2. In Bulgaria physical expressions of yes and no are a bit different than in most other countries. To signal “yes” in Bulgaria you would shake your head side to side the way most would signal “no”. To signal “no” you nod your head.
  3. Bulgaria is the only country in Europe that hasn’t changed its name since being established. This happened in 681 AD.
  4. 1/3rd of Bulgaria covered in forest!
  5. Stefka Kostadinova won the high jump of the World Championships in Rome, Italy with an incredible 2.09 meters ( 6 feet 10 ¼ inches)! She has held this record since 1987!
  6. Called the gaida in Bulgaria, the bagpipe is the national instrument of Bulgaria. Bulgaria is one of the few countries in the world to do so, the others being Ireland and Scotland.
  7. Bulgaria grows a lot of roses! It’s estimated that they grow 70-80% of the roses used for rose oil. This rose oil is then used in the production of perfume!
  8. Bulgarians invented the first electronic computer, car air bag and digital watch!
  9. The Bulgarian Army has never lost a flag in battle.
  10. In 1976 UNESCO declared the ancient Bulgarian Calendar the most accurate in the world!

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